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Bioware and the KotOR MMO

Amanda Rivera

Primo has just confirmed some juicy news about the Bioware Star Wars MMO project we have been hearing rumors about. Well, if you've perhaps been living under a rock, let me summarize: people have been talking about the possibility of Bioware working in conjunction with Lucas Arts to build an MMO set in the Star Wars universe that isn't, you know Star Wars Galaxies. I'm here to tell you that we now know this game will be based on the incredibly popular Knights of the Old Republic.

Now, despite my firm belief that George Lucas is a hack of a writer, he has some brilliance when it comes to world building and the marketing of those created worlds. To that end, I admit that this non-Star Wars fan is kinda excited about this news. It remains to be seen if the new Star Wars MMO will suck less than the current iteration of SWG. But then again, it is Bioware we are talking about, and that bodes all kind of well for this project.

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