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Confirmed: Harvey Birdman delayed [update]


Aspiring winged lawyers undertaking ridiculous cases at an equally-ridiculous law firm will have to sit patiently, as the rumored delay is a rumor no longer. Confirming our fears in a post at the Capcom forums, Senior director of strategy Sven states that the delay is intentional on Capcom's part and the title is already finished.

So, why would Capcom knowingly delay the game? Competition. Sven says "The game is and has been finished, submitted and approved, however we felt releasing the game on the same day 112 other SKUs released was not ideal for its chances. Retail buyers agreed." Sadly, Sven doesn't say when the new release date is, so keep an eye on Wii Fanboy for word as it hits but 1UP is reporting the title's new release window is January 2008.


[Via Go Nintendo; thanks to troy for the update]

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