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K2 Mounts, MK 1 Studio's TV lift hides flat-panel under bed

Matt Burns

Hanging a flat-panel on a wall these days is middle-class. Sure, you can frame the TV, add artwork, or even hide the display with mirrors, but it's still there. That's why K2 Mounts and MK 1 Studio developed what is safe to say, a unique AV rack, for the affluent types. Mounted underneath the box spring, the rack can hold two set-top boxes, subwoofer, AV receiver, and, of course, the display -- 42-inch under a queen and 50-inch under a king. But with a click of a button, the display rolls out from under the bed and rises into view during an anticlimactic 32-seconds sequence. No word on pricing just yet, but expect to find the rack through CEDIA installers and integrators. Click through the link to see this mount here first before some rap'n superstar shows it off on Cribs next year.

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