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Motorola's H375 and H680 Bluetooth headsets

Chris Ziegler

They don't have the functionality and all-weather durability of the S9 -- nor the diminutive stature of the H9 -- but Motorola's latest pair of Bluetooth headsets look like decent choices when simplicity is key. Both units feature something Moto's calling "TrueComfort," which apparently results from intense study of the anatomy of the human ear (and this wasn't done before?) for superior contact between the bud and the ear canal; the bottom line is that you end up with better sound and a bud that you can wear for longer without discomfort. The H680 is being geared as the higher-end of the two, with a special model designed for women that features a "frosted design" and bundles a carrying case. The H375, meanwhile, is being labeled as the perfect headset for the first time Bluetooth headset user thanks to its simplicity, color-coded power meter -- and presumably, low cost. Both are available now for $80 and $40, respectively.

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