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Wiimote makes music pretty

Candace Savino

Using Nintendo products as musical tools has become a recent trend, but we're certainly not complaining. Our only gripe about this new Electroplankton-esque Wiimote application is that we can't download it for ourselves. Of course, the mission statement behind the project known as "wiiwiiwiiwii" isn't "to satisfy those selfish bastards over at Wii Fanboy." Rather, the four fellows who created this program have goals that are slightly more profound, like exploring the relationship between sounds and visuals.

The way in which this application translates Wiimote signals into sounds and images is slightly confusing, but we'll pretend that we know what we're talking about. Essentially, a Mac uses Bluetooth technology to synthesize audio from the Wiimote's signals. The Mac then sends the information to a PC, where a program called "vvvv" makes ambient shapes from the sound patterns (ala Electroplankton). Pretty spiffy, if you ask us.

You can check this website to watch videos of the project in action, but if you just want to know how it works and see the people behind it all, we provided some handy pictures after the jump.

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