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Hands-on with the Samsung BlackJack2

Chris Ziegler

So Samsung and AT&T introduced the BlackJack2 today, but it ended up being none other than Microsoft that showed the device doing its thing on the CTIA show floor. While the original BlackJack could be seen as a revolutionary device for the carrier (it was AT&T's answer to the Q, after all), its successor is clearly destined to be an evolutionary upgrade; yeah, the GPS is great, but Windows Mobile 6 and 3G are both totally mandatory in new smartphones hitting the market at this point. From our brief impression, the new keyboard seems like a key improvement over the BlackJack's testy pad, there's a larger battery in store (no more high capacity kit needed for a full day of use), and the jog wheel, glossy shell, and choice of colors all give it a softer, more consumer-friendly look. Samsung tells us we can expect it for about $150 in time for the holidays. Click on for more shots!

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