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Panasonic releases two PT-A HD projectors

Nilay Patel

Panasonic is aiming for both ends of the home projector market with its new PT-A series, with the silver PT-AX200 targeted at gamers and the black 1080p PT-AE2000E aimed at the tony "pricing undisclosed" crowd. The AX200 (pictured) features 720p resolution, a "Game Mode" that cuts response time down to 5ms and pumps up color saturation, 2,000 lumens of brightness, and a 2x optical zoom for €1499 ($2118). The somewhat less-friendly AE2000E sports 1500 lumens of shine behind its 1080p resolution, with a 16,000:1 contrast ratio, three HDMI inputs, and several "pro-level" installation and configuration features, like a 100-percent vertical lens shift for ceiling-mount applications, a splitscreen adjustment mode and a waveform monitor. Both models should be hitting Europe soon, no word if we'll see them over here anytime soon. Check a shot of the AE2000E after the break.

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