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Talkster brings free ad-funded worldwide calling


Talkster is -- or rather, hopes to be -- set to steal some Skype thunder in the free phone service world. Using ten second ads at the beginning of each call to fund the service -- which is already supported in some 25 countries and growing -- users can call a single person or set up conference calls for nothing. Calls are set up via a web interface -- accessible by mobile or workstation -- by simply entering your number and the number you wish to call (notice the lack of signing up?) Talkster then sends you and the person you want to call an SMS with each other's local number. Call the number you received -- which can be saved to a contact as it does not change -- when they pick up tell them to hang up and call you back on the Talkster number they received -- yeah, this bit is odd -- and voila, your numbers are bridged and you're set to talk the evening away for nothing. Talkster has already added a Facebook application for its service which'll give you anonymous and free calling to those dodgy old friends on your Facebook friend list.

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