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UK: Watch Jade and her Assassin's demo at HMV

Dustin Burg

In celebration of the London Games Festival and Ubisoft's self proclaimed greatness, Assassin's Creed producer (and a person who takes pride in her appearance) Jade Raymond will be demoing the game live, on stage, at HMV.

Saturday, October 27th at London's HMV, Jade will be stopping by to demo the latest Assassin's Creed build, be gawked at by groups of hormonal males and will have to constantly wipe the drool off her shoes. The event is open to the general public and will include two Jade presentations, one at 3:00PM and the other at 4:30PM, a Q&A session and an autograph signing too. So, if you're in the London area, be sure to head on over to Oxford Street, stand in line at HMV this Saturday, and get a glimpse of Jade Assassin's Creed. It shall be "good times".

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