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Church of England forgives Sony for Resistance


Resistance: Fall of Man drew some unusual attention when the Church of England criticized it for featuring the cathedral as one of the game's spotlight levels. The game was criticized for representing what the Church called "a virtual shoot-out in the cathedral's nave in which hundreds of soldiers are killed." The Dean of Manchester Cathedral, the Very Rev Rogers Govender said they were disgusted "at the virtual desecration of Manchester Cathedral."

In light of Resistance's failure to pick up a coveted BAFTA award, the Church has since come to forgive Sony for the game. "I think some important lessons have been learned. So we do forgive Sony for what they have done, even though they still believe they have done nothing wrong. In an industry that is breaking new frontiers, it is important that long held traditions of film and television are maintained. These traditions include having courtesy, respecting the dignity of your subject, and admitting when mistakes have been made."

The Church also acknowledges that since the game's release (and controversy afterwards), the church has had more young people and tourists visit. Coincidence?

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