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Escapist does MMOs and WoW for a week

Mike Schramm

Escapist Magazine (who have really been hitting it on all cylinders lately-- hard to believe they're the same folks who did the subtle PDF/graphic hybrid a year or so ago) have released an issue called "Raid" this week, looking at MMOs in general, and WoW in particular.

Of interest: their features is an article called "World of Germcraft," about the Corrupted Blood plague that spread through Azeroth, and how scientists used it to study real outbreak patterns (we've also covered this here before). "The Angel in the Guild" is an interesting article about a young woman who finds herself dealing with her guildies' real life problems, and "The Good Ending" is Sean Sands' story of leaving Azeroth with a bang.

All excellent reads-- I've always liked the Escapist's professional and insightful tone (if a little haughty-- it's like the Granta of online videogame media), and reading about World of Warcraft there is just icing on the cake.

[ via incgamers ]

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