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Fan-made Dementium trailer creeps us out

Candace Savino

There's not much to say about this trailer, except that it's full of understated brilliance. Dementium: The Ward videos have all (successfully) tried to scare the crap out of us, but somehow this one is the most disturbing. At the very least, it's certainly the most comical.

Interestingly enough, this video is fan-made. Gamecock fanatic Regie Miller sent his videos to Destructoid and told them, "Whether it was Gamecock's plucky chutzpah or the Je ne sais quoi charm of a man in a rooster mask I'll never know, but one way or another this starry-eyed idea machine found its way into my heart and there it stayed and laid eggs." Oh ... okay, then.

It's unclear as to whether Gamecock bought the rights to Miller's trailer, but it certainly looks that way. Since we couldn't find it at the official Dementium and Gamecock websites, however, we can't be sure.

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