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Guildwatch: Smooth sailing

Mike Schramm

I gotta say, it seems like things are going pretty darn well in Guildwatch land. After the drama of Karazhan, most guilds have things figured out, and while the majority of them are storming through SSC and eventually TK, a few are still running through Karazhan and Gruul. But everyone seems pretty happy, and there's almost no chance Zul'Aman will stop that-- if anything, 10 man instance lovers will be even more thrilled.

So what's the next speedbump in guilds' futures? The onset of Death Knights? Whatever it is, you'll probably read about it here on Guildwatch-- click the link below to read about Drama, Downed, and Recruiting news from around the realms for the week, and don't forget to send us your own guilds' (or other guilds', for drama) tips at Onward!


  • Guild split (and reform): Dragonhawk on Venture Co.-A is disbanding so members can re-roll Horde on Ner'Zhul in order to enjoy post 2.3 content (not sure why they need to be Hordies to enjoy it, but more Horde the merrier). The new guild on Ner'Zhul (creatively named Dragonhawk) is also currently recruiting experienced re-rollers.
  • "I'm not normally a tattle, but many of you might find yourself in the same situation, and would prefer knowledge up front concerning such things. Maybe I just don't know better, but I thought crap like that would be mentioned before the raid started, and not after giving the drop to a fellow guildie. Faiths from Disorderly Conduct is a jerk and he treats his guildies (and non-guildies) like slaves, and maybe I'm a jerk for posting this, but I am super pissed." No Moroes loot for raiding guests on Shu'halo.
  • Bloodthirst on Stormreaver wants us to know they just lost a good amount of their raiding base. Why? The players sucked. The officers actually emailed to say they /gkicked folks for "underperforming or being immature" in their raids. They're looking for more people, but /gkicking for immaturity? If everyone did that, would there be any guilds left?
  • Pretty much all "accusation" threads go exactly like this: "Warning people: XXXX ninja'ed the bank of this guild." "How dare you say that, no I didn't you are a liar." "Actually you did, remember when you took everything in the bank and transferred off the server?" "Oh. Yeah. Well, you still shouldn't tell people about it!"
  • Here's a good writeup of The Fall of Mortalis Ultrix on Tanaris, but it sounds a lot more dramatic than it is-- they just had some slow progression and fell apart because of it. More insight here.
  • Funny story from Courage on Emerald Dream-- rumor has it that the guild likes talking behind each others' backs, and when an officer named Gwiz logged on Vent one night, a little inebriated to find the others chatting about how bad of a healer he was. Angry, he started /gkicking everyone he could, and the guild, fighting Shade, watched their members get /gkicked around them. Apparently the guild and the GM, Blackpoole (who we're told supports this gossip), had to spend the whole next day reinviting people back into the guild.
  • Judgment on Gnomeregan took a few of Fidelium's members, but they don't really care. Or do they? Bonus drama: 13 pages in, apparently Angelstone has been cheating on ex-husband Primestone with an internet boyfriend. Oh the tears, they taste like candy. I love them so.
  • Forbidden on EU Hellscream-A have, after two months in Karazhan, finished off the Prince. Nice job. They're also still looking for a few folks to fill out group number 2.
  • The Noble Europeans on EU Aggramaggan-H finished off Solarian, Al'ar, and Leotheras, leaving one in SSC and another in TK. Grats!
  • Less QQ More Pew Pew on Boulderfist-A has dropped Gruul. Rawk!
  • Space Balls of Thrall-A also dropped Al'ar and Solarian this past week. Just Vashj, TK, and FLK stand in their way before Black Temple and Hyjal.
  • Eidolon on Baelgun-A is rocking lately-- Hydross, Lurker and Voidreaver have all fallen beneath their heel. Morogrim, you're on nizzotice!
  • Crowd Control on Blackwing Lair dropped Illidan recently, but they had a problem-- he despawned, so no loot. Eventually they found a GM to hook them up. Grats CC!
  • The Wanderers on Uther-H have downed Void Reaver. Mag and the Lurker below have had an APB issued for their arrest, shoot on sight.
  • Wraithsteel Legion on Azjol-Nerub-H took out Solarian, A'lar, Void Reaver, and Doomwalker for the first time last week. All in one week! Awesome show great job!
  • Carebear Refugees on Ursin-H say "we roll Horde" (I love it), and have just dropped the Lurker. Ce magnifique! (there's a lot of downed news this week, and I'm running out of exclamations)
  • Dominion on Terenas dropped Nightbane and HKM, and they're recruiting Shamans for Karazhan and beyond.
  • Dark Fist on Argent Dawn-A downed Fathom Lord last week, and they meant to tell GW about it earlier, but Vashj hit them a little too hard on the head. Short term memory loss-- it's a killer.
  • Absolute on Emerald Dream has downed Vashj in SSC and has worked their way up to Kael in TK.
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A says they sunk the Lurker, but really, they floated him. Get it right! And grats!
  • Kung Foo Monkey Badgers on EU Runetotem have finally dropped Moroes, and they're super happy about it (I know the feeling, we had trouble with Moroes for a while, too). Curator also got it, and the Chess Event got beaten as well. They're also recruiting all classes. However, I am sorry to report that they still don't win the Best Guild Name award. Better luck next time!
  • KVN on Laughing Skull-A also skewered the Lurker. Void Reaver is on notice (you only get one boss on notice, guys. putting more than one boss on notice just makes them laugh at you).
  • Ascendo Tuum on Eitrigg-A downed Void Reaver last night. As they say in Greek restaurants, OPAAA!
  • Delusions of Grandeur on Draka-A had dropped Kael'thas and is headed to BT (that's their pic above). You better be prepared, kids.
  • Shafted (the same Shafted from the drama above?) on Baelgun-H downed Mags this week and are also seeking some more qualified raiders to fill out their ranks.
  • Immortalis on Greymane-H finished off Hydross with four people still standing after two nights of attempts. Al'ar is on notice!
  • Outcast on Duskwood-A celebrated their birthday by downing both Netherspite and Nightbane to finish off Karazhan for good.
  • Colossus of Eldre'thalas downed Tidewalker this week, and dedicated the kill to a guild member they lost last week when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver. RIP Karunch/Mnemonic. His family, friends, and of course guild are in GW's prayers this week.
  • Emissaries of Darkness on EU Xavius finally took down Gruul with only two casualties "after weeks of wiping on that big ugly Gronn," they say, although sometimes Gruul is actually a Gnome.
  • Remnant from Kirin Tor-H has fully cleared Karazhan on their second week in there. Awesome!
  • Firefly on EU Sporeggar only formed last Monday and have downed Gruul, VR, Lurker, and Hydross. Also, Morogrim and Solarian have eaten floor for Alliance firsts. "KT and Vashj best start running!"
  • Unbearable on EU Bladefist have rocked their way up to Prince and Spite. Grats, and a special shoutout to Steamburst, the imba fury Warrior who leads them.
  • Evolution on EU Moonglade downed Morogrim after lots of attempts at around 70%. Apparently their Pally respecced Protection, and then they finished him off. But I don't get it-- why would making your healer spec Protection help? I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
  • Corrupted on Burning Blade dropped both HKM and Gruul, and the last few percent of Gruul was just barely. Still, a kill's a kill.
  • Buttered Monkeys on Velen is recruiting mature, experienced adults who enjoy frequent, but casually short periods of play. Looking for busy people who are on quite regularly for 30-minute to 2-hour long sessions. Currently home to 2 60+ toons and will be raiding when everyone reaches end-game.
  • Super Healing Pot on EU Doomhammer is looking for people to help them farm Karazhan. And they've got a good idea: raiding in shifts. You can sign up for 8-10 or 10-12pm. All of the raiding progression, none of the long hours.
  • The Dream Team on Terenas-A is recruiting for 10 man content (lately, my favorite kind). They want ZA and some Karazhan, so join with them, load up 10 people, and go get some loot!
  • New Age United on Archimonde-A is looking for more to help them with SSC and TK (specifically dedicated healers. Please be mature, well-geared, and ready to raid.
  • HooperBandP dot com (yes, that really is their name, WI commenter Hooper's crazy about self promotion and we love him for it) is seeking folks on Thunderlord-H for their WSG and AB teams. They say that to join you need to be an Engineer with rocket boots-- is that true? Contact Seanshaft or Stouthoof if you are such an Engineer.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles is recruiting 70s for Gruul and beyond.
  • Deathgroup 8 (they killed 1-7) on Rexxar-H is trying to fill out their ranks for Kael'thas. Priest, Droods, and Warlocks preferred.
  • Red Circle of Kel'Thuzad-A is seeking healers (and a few more) to fill out their 25 man groups. They're mature, respectful, and fun, and even though they're casual raiders, they don't use "casual" as an excuse to suck.
  • Demopens on Stormreaver (which stands for Demolition Penguins, not an exploding pen like I thought) are a cool guild of real-life friends who are looking to expand their ranks for 25 man raiding.
  • Burning Sensation on Hyjal-H looking for folks to help them 2 group Karazhan and do 25 mans beyond that. They're seeking good offtanks, healers, and ranged DPS.
  • Mystical Wisdom on Sisters of Elune is recruiting a few holy Priests, and a Shadow Priest, Warlock, and a Holy Pally.
  • New Blood on Oceanic Khaz'goroth-H is looking for Holy Priests and Resto Druids to help bring down Gruul.
  • No MAAM on Blackrock-A is recruiting Holy Priests, Shamans, Resto Druids, and Warlocks, but they're not for you kiddies. They're up to Archi and Teron Gorefiend, so be BT & Hyjal attuned and geared for both.
  • Shadow Dragons on Smoulderthorn-H is recruiting to take on Karazhan, and they're willing to help you get attuned and leveled up in all instances.
  • The Foundation on Mannoroth-H is a relatively new raiding guild (in mostly blues), looking for help in Kara. Join up with them and go get those epix!
  • Not Dead Yet on Suramar-A, an established endgame guild, is now taking applications to fill out its three Karazhan raiding teams. They're looking for good players who just don't have endless hours of raiding time available.
  • Optimus Luminarium on Dark Iron is seeking tanks and others for Karazhan and beyond. They are family-friendly, low drama, and looking to have fun.
  • Murloc Stole my Socks (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Thorium Brotherhood-H are recruiting for endgame content as a friendly, fun guild.
  • Round Em Up and AOE on Eldre'Thelas is seeking tanks, Shadow Priests, Shamans, Pallys, and Warriors (and all other classes possibly) to do the 10 man content with a fun, close-knit group of friends.
  • Coalesco of Whisperwind is actively recruiting mature, friendly players of all levels and classes for Karazhan and beyond.
Good lord, this is a long Guildwatch. Almost too long, except that we just love posting this stuff for you guys. And the nice comments on the tips help, too, thanks very much. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

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