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Guitar Hero tracks on iTunes


Looking to get caught up on your favorite Guitar Hero music before the game finally comes to the Mac in a week? You're in luck, our sister site Xbox 360 Fanboy reports that Activision, who now owns the GH franchise, has released the master tracks of Guitar Hero 1, 2 and 3 as "Guitar Hero Essentials," available right now on iTunes.

Very awesome. Of course, listening to "More Than a Feeling," "Killing in the Name," or "Heart Shaped Box" isn't nearly as fun as actually playing it with the guitar, but until they release Guitar Hero for the iPhone you'll have to settle for listening to the downloaded tracks. Each game has its own playlist, and there's even extra playlists from Slash and Steve Jones to get you in the mood.

Rock on! Of course, we'll probably be a little too busy with Leopard at release to really get the thrash on right away, but after we get our Stacks and Spaces set up, it's time to shred!

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