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Intel and Transmeta settle patent dispute for $250M

Nilay Patel

Looks like it's all hugs and kisses and millions of dollars in licensing fees for Intel and Transmeta after all, as the two companies finalized a settlement agreement in their year-long patent dispute today. The agreement calls for Intel to license Transmeta's patents for $150M upfront and $20M a year for the next five years, and Intel can't do anything except pout if Transmeta decides to license its LongRun tech to any other company at the same time. That's a fun little chunk of change for Transmeta, which was about to get de-listed from the NASDAQ back in March before turning things around -- and getting a $7.5M vote of confidence from AMD. No word on how the company plans to serve its two competing masters, but it's got to feel nice to be wanted.

[Thanks, Jon]

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