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Upgrade roadmap from Panic covers Leopard compatibility


I know we aren't supposed to play favorites when it comes to Mac developers -- remember, we're all basically on the same team here -- but I have to admit to a slight geek crush on Cabel Sasser. Sure, he & the rest of the Panic crew code a pretty mean FTP client and a well-regarded multitasker for Web development, but that's just business: if any other Mac hacker could compose the world's most hilarious musical about video game bugs, well, I'd be a fan of theirs too.

Cabel, thoughtful dude that he is, posted a status update for Panic's applications and Leopard compatibility that runs down what works and what doesn't come Friday night. Most of the Panic apps will continue to work in Leopard, some with minor issues (Transmit) and some just fine (Coda); the one major exception is system icon tweak tool CandyBar 2, which unsurprisingly is not yet compatible with the new Leopard "big icon" format. The good news for CandyBar fans is that version 3, with full Leopard goodness, will be available by the end of November.

As other Mac developers announce Leopard compatibility info (like RealMac did earlier for Rapidweaver), we'll be sure to let you know. (Pssst. Developers -- over here! Be sure to let us know when you update your apps for Leopard, and we'll pass it along.)

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