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Verizon prepping one last update for XV6700?

Chris Ziegler

Yeah, there's a cooked Windows Mobile 6 ROM floating around for the now-ancient Apache, but it ain't official -- and let's be honest, there's a good contingent of folks out there that like their updates officially blessed by the powers that be. That very group should be delighted to hear that UTStarcom appears to have an official Windows Mobile 5 AKU3.3 update (you know, the one that was hacked for the handset many moons ago) available, which we would imagine means Verizon should be offering it directly before too long. Windows Mobile 6 it's not, but the patch appears to offer some key goodies like A2DP, tethering via USB, and Microsoft's Daylight Savings Time fix from frickin' ages ago. Oh, and the best part? You don't have to wait for Verizon to roll it out -- just follow the read link and look for the XV6700-related files on UTStarcom's site (user beware, of course, since this hasn't been announced). Rock on! Follow the break for a rundown of what's new in the package.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Verizon XV-6700 Maintenance Release

This software update makes available some new features and corrects some issues. Some of the primary enhancements are:

• Upgraded the WM 5.0 OS from AKU 2.2 to AKU 3.3.

• Enabled the capability to support tethering on the device using Verizon's VZ Access Manager (USB cable only) application.

• Enabled A2DP (BT Stereo) Headset Profile.

• Added the capability to enable or disable the Voice Speed Dial application to support other user preferred 3rd Party software.

• Fixed an issue with sending MMS Pix message to users.

• Added the Daylight Savings Time Fix from Microsoft.

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