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Wii Fanboy moonlights on the Aeropodcast


When our own JC Fletcher isn't lamenting games not yet on the Virtual Console, we hire him out for guest spots on podcasts. We like to keep him busy, you know? He recently sat down with the folks at Aeropause for some Wii and DS chatter, and since we not only like JC, but we like podcasts, we thought it best to recommend the fusion of both to you, our faithful readers. So if you like Okami (who doesn't?), random chatter about Stretch Panic as a possible Wii port (yes, please), E for All, and more gaming goodness -- including JC's glowing recommendation of the DS title Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck, head over and lend them your ear.

And if you have a podcast, JC is available for the low price of free. Just expect at least three references to old games; it's how he rolls.

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