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Xbox Live India launches Nov. 5


The country of India obtains access to Xbox Live beginning November 5. A 12-month subscription to the service will cost 2200 rupees ($55 USD). 1600 MS Points (which is fake currency to begin with), normally $20 in the States, will cost 1070 rupees ($27). Indian XBLA will supposedly be tied into Asia, so if a game is available there, it should be available on the marketplace.

Apparently a key difference between India's Xbox Live and others is the "educational content." According to those at the event held at the Shangri-la Hotel in New Delhi, Microsoft announced India will be the first country with learning aids for grades 1-12. We have no idea at this point what that means, but if they being offering XBLA Number Munchers or Oregon Trail in the States, that's an automatic 400 to 800 MS Points spent right there. And, of course, Bollywood productions will be available through the Xbox Marketplace.

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