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Because playing Table Tennis with a fake racquet attachment would be silly

Candace Savino

You weren't actually thinking about playing Wii Play's table tennis the Wü's Ping Pong Game with a tennis racquet peripheral, were you?

Pssssh. Come on, now. Why would you do that when all the cool kids (read: not cool kids) are using these? After all, how can you go wrong with a "Ping-Pong Bat," which are currently being sold over at DealExtreme for the random price of $16.14.

We'll give $10 to the person who guesses the next peripheral to come out on the Wii.* We're betting on some Wiimote maracas for the upcoming Samba de Amigo, since Sega just announced they won't be making any.

*We won't actually give you $10 if you guess right, you silly rabbit.

[Via Technabob]

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