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Captain Linebeck, as played by Al Pacino

Eric Caoili

"I know it was you, Link. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!"

Like everyone else, we imagined Linebeck, Phantom Hourglass' cowardly sailor seaman, as the Jack Sparrow character he was more than likely modeled after. We never really connected him with Al Pacino, but artist Margeaux McClelland insists that the two are one and the same, reading the mariner's lines with the Scarface star's raspy voice.

Margeaux went so far as to paint Pacino's likeness in Linebeck's threads, complete with his flamboyant red scarf. We still don't see the resemblance, but it's a great piece, nonetheless! (We won't ever take sides with anyone against the family.)

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