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Confirmed (again): Nintendo nauseatingly rich


Once upon a time, in a land called Eighteen Months Ago, a new games console called "Wii" was announced. With its easily manipulated name, unusual motion-sensing controls and standard definition visuals, many onlookers instantly chose to hoot and holler at this most unconventional piece of hardware. Amidst much snickering, God-awful puns and subtle anatomical jokes were cracked.

Fast-forward a year and a half, and it is Nintendo that is laughing longest, loudest, and yes, hardest. Earlier today, the company published a half year profits forecast that practically glowed with positivity: profit is expected to treble for this fiscal year, the previously mocked Wii is expected to sell 17.5m units by March 31, and Ninty has raised expected software sales during this fiscal year by 35%.

Translation: Nintendo is neck-deep in lovely, filthy lucre. And to think both Wii Fit and Brawl are yet to touch down in stores.

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