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Freeverse bringing Airburst to XBLA


Freeverse, the company that brought Spyglass Board Games and Marathon: Durandal to Xbox Live Arcade (on the same day!), has announced a new title for the service called Airburst. The game is being developed by Freeverse's UK counterpart Strange Flavour and emphasizes the pick-up-and-play philosophy of XBLA and "promises to be one of the best party games on the platform." The game features characters riding platforms made of balloons, doing their keep the "chainsaw-bladed burster ball" from destroying their platform while simultaneously bouncing the ball back towards the opponent's platform. It sounds a bit like Pong, only the object is to not let the ball hit your paddle. Airburst promises multiple gametypes, character-specific abilities, and the requisite "crazy power-ups," so it looks like everything is covered. Well, almost everything: no release date has been announced.

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