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IGN's Casamassina says new Medal of Honor 'beats the pants off Metroid Prime 3' controls


With equal parts vindication and deep personal loss in his life, IGN's resident Nintendo fanboy Matt Casamassina seized the moment and spent a little time blogging. The big revelation is that he believes the upcoming Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is a new benchmark in Wii FPS controls. He says there is a video coming in the near future, but for now says, "[MoHH2] officially beats the pants off Metroid Prime 3 in the the FPS control department."

Casamassina also says while speaking with Shingo Mukaitoge (Elebits, Dewy's Adventure) that the game producer "paused for a moment, smiled, and would only say, 'That's a secret.'" in regards to an Elebits sequel. Mukaitoge says his team is already working on a new Wii project and will announce it soon. We're kinda looking forward to another Elebits. It's no secret that the game was a rush job for the Wii release, but it'd be interesting to see what the team could do with a little more time.

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