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Molson contest hints at Canadian iPhone launch in January


We've certainly had plenty of hints that the iPhone was headed to Rogers in Canada sooner or later, but it looks like those rumors may now be reaching the boiling point, with a new Molson contest offering the clearest indication yet of the iPhone's launch in Canada. As you can see above, the contest rules clearly state that the phone will be available on Rogers starting in January 2008, and that the winners will have to pay for the service charges themselves. It also lists the iPhone with a value of $800, which is more than a little curious especially given the now mighty loonie. According to The Globe & Mail, a Rogers spokeswoman says the contest came as a surprise, adding that "Molson is speculating and that Rogers wouldn't launch the iPhone this way." Either way, it seems like we should know more soon enough, unless Molson has plans to deal some unhappy contest winners.

[Via Mobile in Canada, thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: Well, it looks like this rumor has been put squarely on the back burner, with The Globe & Mail now reporting that Molson has pulled the iPhone as a prize after admitting they "made a mistake." The winner of the contest will now get an "unnamed digital phone."

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