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NCsoft picks up advertising partner for Dungeon Runners, Exteel

Chris Chester

NCsoft has raised the curtain on a new advertising deal with Double Fusion that will pave the way for new in- and around-game advertising in both Dungeon Runners and the as-yet-unreleased giant robot game, Exteel. Evidently, the idea is to open up new sources of revenue for these titles, where they were previously relying entirely on a small monthly fee charged to players for tiered services like voice chat, access to banks, and stackable potions.

The specifics of this advertising-based approach remain cloudy. It's unclear whether players can continue to pay the optional monthly fee to opt out of the ads, or whether playing the free, advertising-supported version will now net you membership benefits. We support advertising as an alternative revenue stream in principle, as long as we don't start seeing billboards hawking deodorant in the middle of dungeons. Regardless, Dungeon Runners is a heck of a lot of fun for a free game (though the verdict is still out on Exteel), so we'll keep you posted on the specifics of this deal as it develops.

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