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Pocket Guide to Inventions in CoX

Robin Torres

Just like Amanda, I have recently returned to CoH/CoV from a long hiatus and I find there is a lot of new and wonderful stuff happening in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. I'm particularly excited about the Invention system and was happy to see that there is an in-game tutorial for learning about crafting.

In order to complete the Invention Tutorial, you need to attend a University. Heroes go to the University in Steel Canyon while Villains attend the one in Cap Au Diablo. You get a badge, experience, Influence/Infamy and a nice Invention Enhancement for completing the tutorial, so it is well worth it.

The info in the Invention Tutorial is invaluable, but a bit tedious to read through. So I've put together the basics of Inventions in this handy pocket guide. All of the tutorial info is included here, so if you just breezed through it to get the goodies, you won't have missed out on the essentials.

What you need to create an Invention:

  • Some Salvage (appropriate for the item you are creating)
  • A Recipe
  • A Workbench
  • Influence or Infamy
  • Enough room in your inventory (if not a Costume Piece)


  • There are 5 Types of Salvage. The two most important types are Base Salvage and Invention Salvage. During events, such as the Halloween event going on right now, you can also pick up Event Salvage.
  • Your Salvage inventory increases with your Security or Threat Level.
  • NPC stores will buy your Salvage but none of them sell it.
  • Salvage can be bought and sold in Consignment Houses and Blackmarkets.
  • Base Salvage does not count toward your inventory and can be stored in Base Storage Objects in Bases.
  • Invention Salvage can be converted to Base Salvage.
  • Invention Salvage can be stored in vaults in Pocket D, Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.
  • You can still acquire Invention Salvage in Supergroup mode.
There are 3 types of Rarity for Salvage and Recipes:
  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Yellow)
  • Rare (Orange)
  • Recipes have their own inventory separate from Enhancements and Salvage.
  • Common Recipes are dropped from mobs but also can be purchased from Workbenches.
  • Certain badges you earn as you build inventions will allow you to memorize any common Recipe.
  • Recipe Inventory size increases with Security or Threat level.
  • Tooltips should be enabled in Options for reading what Enhancements and Recipes will do.
  • There are Recipes for
    • Converting Salvage
    • Costume Parts
    • Invention Enhancements
  • Workbenches are found in universities and purchased for Supergroup bases
  • Click on the Workbench, then select a recipe and click create. The recipe will be greyed out if you don't have the ingredients or enough cash.
  • You can different types of salvage using the Convert tab on the Workbench.
Costume Parts
  • Costume Parts do not appear in your inventory after creation. You must go to a tailor's to have access to them.
  • Only the character who created the costume part can wear it.
Invention Enhancements
  • Invention Enhancements never expire.
  • They can be slotted 3 levels higher than your current Security or Threat level.
  • Invention Enhancements cannot be combined.
  • Their effectiveness is constant and based on the level of the Recipe.
  • There are Invention Enhancement sets. The more you equip of the set, the larger the bonus. Equipping the entire set will have the biggest bonus.
I'm really enjoying the whole crafting process. Of course, this means I'm going to have to get used to the economy that just wasn't there when I played before. But fiddling with the Consignment Houses and Blackmarkets looks like fun too. And it's all about fun.

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