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Pop on Wii Ware looks cooler than we thought

Candace Savino

Okay, we admit that we were a little skeptical about Pop, Nnooo's upcoming Wii Ware title. You might even say we were blatantly snarky. We fear that we might have to eat an unhealthy serving of crow, however, after seeing IGN's impressions of the game.

Even though it has a simple concept, Pop appears to be surprisingly deep. Not only does the game have an enchanting aesthetic, with sixteen different background variations, but the gameplay also has many different facets. The multiplayer mode seems to be the game's bread and butter, allowing four players to compete in some bubble popping madness. Strategy comes heavily into play here, as you have to pop big bubbles to add more time to your meter, yet pop small bubbles to get more points and beat your competitors. Pop also gets harder as it progresses, putting our fears to rest that the game would be too easy.

Nnooo also tries to deliver a fulfilling single-player experience by adding achievements to the game, which they call "badges," as well as various playing modes. You can also earn badges in the multiplayer setting, not to mention have your scores tracked and pimped via WiiConnect24 notifications. IGN reports that the soundtrack is pretty enticing, too, and might be sold over iTunes at some point.

We're starting to become excited about this title, at least a little bit, and if pulled off correctly we think it can only mean good things for the future of Wii Ware. What do you guys think? Can Pop be the next Geometry Wars?

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