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Harmonix confirms Rock Band Nov. 20 release, launches community site

Jason Dobson

We're thankful to the powers that be for having the good sense to move up Rock Band's official release date from the previously announced November 23, aka Black Friday, to the less frantic Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 20. However, we're slightly more interested in new information concerning Harmonix's recently launched social networking website, which promises leaderboards, customizable band pages and blogs, and even classifieds for those looking to fill out their pseudo-band's ranks.

Certainly community sites for games are nothing new, but Harmonix's plans for the Rock Band website is if nothing else ambitious. Beyond those features mentioned above, the site will also allow you to load your in-game characters into your band's online profile as a way of spreading the word of your accomplishments, as well as plans for a "photo creator" feature to help capture the look of your virtual band. We're imagining that most will err on the side of 'seriously cheesy' while trying to be 'seriously intense,' though we cannot wait to see shots of players mimicking the likes of KISS from the comfort of their parents' basement.

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