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/silly: At a slight disadvantage

Arthur Orneck

This week's delayed example of "the silly" features a small PvP skirmish, cut decidedly short in a way that would be technically impossible due to a minor thing called global cool downs, but suspending that tiny fact for a moment allows this minuscule joke to flow a little bit better.

I would like to keep an open line of communication between you and I, my blog reading friends, and so I will be completely honest when I say that I'm not at all happy with how this one came out. There *was* supposed to be shading, but it was so botched that I felt it was better to strip the comic back to it's base flat colors in order to get the comic up and mark this one down as a loss. It's a shame, too, as I think the joke itself has a lot of merit if I could only get the art to communicate it a little better. Let's see if I can hit that goal for next week.

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