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Smash Bros Brawl gets replay sharing

Ross Miller

In addition to unveiling new challenger King Dedede, this week's Smash Bros. Brawl update also showed the revised Target Smash mode. Hidden within that post, however, is a much more impressive feature announcement: replay sharing.

"This time, you can view replays," read the post. "What this means is, the game records what you did in brawls or in Target Smash and lets you review it." You can record around three minutes. Also revealed is the ability to share replay data with your Wii friends, though all allusions to sharing replays specifically reference Target Smash so we're not sure if sharing brawl-related replay sharing will be an option.

We'd love to see leaderboards for downloading the best Target Smash replays, akin to Gran Turismo HD Concept, as well as some way to turn the replay data into video we can email and post online. We're hoping more replay-related features are revealed between now and the game's February launch.

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