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Toshiba denies denying Xbox 360 with built-in HD DVD rumor


Ok, here's a strange one. Remember how yesterday, Toshiba supposedly nixed the rumor of a Tosh-branded Xbox 360 with built-in HD DVD? Well, get this: we were contacted by Nelsom Bostock Communications, Toshiba's PR company (in the UK at least), and asked to take down the post (which we haven't). According to NBC, "The comment that ran initially on in relation to the Xbox 360 was a misquote." The quote that Toshiba's PR company wants us to run says, "Toshiba has no comment to make on this matter. The Xbox 360 is not a Toshiba product."

The original denial relayed to the world through was this, "It's got nothing to do with us. But we know Microsoft doesn't want to include the HD DVD drive so as not to limit the user's experience." Uh, that's a bit more severe than a misquote don't you think? Regardless, Stuff updated their article. You know, we're starting to think that there might be more to this rumor now than just rumor.

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