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24 Hours of Leopard: iChat screen sharing


iChat screen sharing

How It Works: Hello, Mom? Yes, I know, I meant to call yesterd-- what? You've got a little picture that looks like a little Jack O'Lantern sitting on your desktop? Gosh, well, that is weird. Mind if I take a look?

Yes, I said "take a look" -- now that we're both running Leopard, we can share our screens in a jiffy, straight from an iChat. Uh, iChat? Yes, the icon that looks like a word ballo-- yes, that one. If I start a screen sharing session, we can share control of the mouse and keyboard... it even starts an audio chat automatically to make it easier to... yes, that's why it's all echo-y now. Well, I'll just mute it and we'll use the phone, OK?

See, there, that icon does look like a pumpkin... well, if you let the grandkids download stuff... mmm hmm. Yep. OK. Love you too.

Who Will Use It: Anyone with a parent, spouse, cousin, co-worker or random acquaintance who has ever needed help using a Mac, and particularly when the recipient of that help has a tendency to describe UI features as "the thing with the glowy bit" or "not that button, the other button." Also, anyone who collaborates on documents or projects and needs a colleague's instant signoff.

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