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    Fujifilm's FinePix F50fd point-and-shoot reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Unfortunately, everybody's worst fear about the FinePix F50fd seems to be true -- according to a recent review over at PhotographyBLOG, anyway. Apparently, stuffing a 12-megapixel sensor into this pocket-friendly digicam wasn't exactly the most intelligent idea, as reviewers found the picture quality to be downright disappointing. Particularly in low-light situations, the camera faltered mightily, and images captured at ISO speeds of 800 - 6,400 were deemed practically "unusable." Granted, the crew did note that it was expecting tremendous results from the highly-regarded F31fd's successor, but aside from the "excellent face detection system" and the included aperture / shutter priority modes, there just wasn't much here to fall in love with. 'Tis a shame, really, and unless pristine image quality somehow isn't your top priority (is that crickets we hear?), you'll probably need to look elsewhere.

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