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Hell's Kitchen gets game treatment

Jason Dobson

Scottish chef celeb Gordon Ramsey, best known in reality television circles for his discerning palate and foul mouth, will soon be fronting a game based on his TV show Hell's Kitchen, which sees groups of up and coming cooks vying for Ramsey's love and affection while being reminded of all the reasons why they suck.

The TV tie-in is currently in development for "all major platforms" at Ludia, whose only other claim to fame appears to be a still-in-development PC adaption of The Price is Right game show. Credentials, it's what's for dinner.

According to Ludia founder and CEO Alex Thabet, the Hell's Kitchen game will feature "the fun of the kitchen boot camp experience," meaning we expect that players will have to endure Ramsey screaming bleeped-out profanities while describing their culinary efforts as "baby vomit." The game, which will also include a number of Ramsey's favorite recipes, is expected to ship in 2008 in order to coincide with the debut of the fourth season of Hell's Kitchen.

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