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Updated multi-region release lists, software sales


For a lot of us, this updated list of current and forthcoming "primary" Nintendo releases doesn't offer much, but for European gamers, there's a lot to speculate on. We keep seeing this DS Novel pop up, but what exactly is it? When it's shown up before on lists, there was also a "temporary title" tag attached, but no longer, though other titles on the list are tagged as such. Is it settled? Is it just the e-book reader? Literature-themed nongame? Sounds like it might be worth importing for litgeeks in the rest of the world. If you know something we poor Americans don't, please clue us in!

In other news, Nintendogs continues to lead the pack among DS titles in sales, with Pokémon and New Super Mario Bros. lagging a little behind. Unsurprisingly, the phenomenal Brain Age duo keeps churning out the dollars as well.

To see the full list of releases, check after the jump.

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