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Gods & Heroes slain, refunds announced

Amanda Rivera

As we say goodbye to our dreams of being inducted into the Greek pantheon, the developers of Gods & Heroes are kind enough to let us know where we can get our money back on our pre-orders. As it turns out, simply return with your receipt to the retailer where you bought the pre-order, and you will get a full refund. Well duh, actually.

In their final announcement to the gaming community, the devs let us know it was a tough decision to kill the immortal game once and for all:

The Perpetual team is faced with a unique challenge of simultaneously developing both Gods & Heroes and Star Trek Online in addition to growing our Online Game Platform business. After assessing all of Perpetual's opportunities, we have made the decision to put the development of Gods & Heroes on indefinite hold.

Well, I for one am sad to see the project go, but it's also nice to see a company that knows when they bit off more than they can chew.

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