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Knockoff artists take "nano" in "iPhone nano" too seriously

Chris Ziegler

Okay, so, iPhone nano -- what do you picture? An identical clone of the original scaled down by a third? Yeah, us neither, which is why we're calling out this alleged iPhone nano spy shot as a fraud. We're not disputing that it's real -- in fact, we'd be surprised if it was a Photoshop job, considering how skilled the knockoff manufacturers have become at producing iPhone clones -- we just refuse to believe at this point that Apple would inject zero innovation into the design of the iPhone's baby sib. For what it's worth, though, says that its source absolutely insists that the shots are real and came from within Apple, which of course explains the Brand X monitor and PC keyboard in the background. We'll believe it when Steve shows it, guys.

[Via Unwired View]

Update: It's a media player. Rock on. Thanks, Deniz.

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