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Breakfast Topic: When will we see 2.3?

Amanda Rivera

The list of issues with Patch 2.3 on the PTR is growing, and with each patch they load up on the test realms, a new set of issues arise. It's a massive patch, with so much in it that we have had to deal with it in chunks. Everywhere you look this patch is affecting the game in some way. The question remains then, with so much going on with this patch, when will we see it?

Honestly, often times they do what they can with fixing the major issues with a patch, then push it through, and then hotfix anything that arises afterward. Also, there is only so much you can find on a public test realm. I am reminded of all those mobs that were swimming through the ground for weeks after Patch 2.0. And what about Jerome outside of Silvermoon City, who wandered around with his bottle floating outside his hand for months after the release of TBC?

So we can start the speculation now about when the patch move onto the live servers. Personally, I am looking toward the second week of November. This dev team needs to move on, needs to start finishing up the Sunwell encounter, heck, they need to start building us an expansion, am I right? When do you think we will see 2.3?

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