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First RvB Recovery One episode will cost you

Dustin Burg

The first episode of Rooster Teeth's RvB "Recovery One" mini-series is now available exclusively on the XBLM, but we're sorry to report that it'll cost you. This first mini-series episode is available to all Xbox Live regions and (unexpectedly) costs 80 Microsoft points to download. For some reason we expected "Recovery One" to be free, but we guess Rooster Teeth's last hoorah into Halo 2 machinima comes with a price. Oh well, what are a bunch of fanboys to do? You'll just have to decide whether or not purchasing the new episodes is worth the cost and worth experiencing team Rooster Teeth's final Halo 2 project. Though, we've heard that the mini-series' lead character Agent Washington is one insightful guy. We're not sure what we meant by that, just be sure to spend wisely.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

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