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Moto stays flat in third quarter, but says the rebound's coming

Chris Ziegler

It ain't a magic bullet, but it looks like the RAZR 2 could end up being a big part of Motorola's turnaround after all -- a turnaround ironically necessary thanks to the company's over-reliance on the first gen RAZR. Though Motorola still ended up posting third quarter losses totaling $138 million in its mobile device division (compared to earnings of $843 million just one year prior), fourth quarter projections beat analysts' estimates, sending stock prices skyward in the process. A couple interesting bits from the report: the company's enterprise mobility group (think Q and the like) saw sales rise some 47 percent from a year ago, and remember that RAZR 2 we mentioned? Yeah, turns out Moto's nearing the magic one million mark already, with over 900,000 units having been sold. 'Course, it certainly doesn't hurt that all four national US carriers and several regionals have picked it up.

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