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Nintendo's new gaming platform: Dual Tubes


In order to promote the new Mario Party DS, Nintendo has stuck some Mario imagery on tubes of Yoplait's Go-gurt. In case you aren't familiar with the product, Go-Gurt is yogurt that comes packed in plastic tubes. It's marketed at children because they're the only people who will gravitate toward a food product because it's disgusting; adults, on the other hand, would only choose to eat dairy products from a tube if they were aboard the Space Shuttle.

But enough about the uniquely horrifying, and Go-gurt-- we're not Awful Food Fanboy, after all. The new Mario tubes feature not only character art of Mario and friends, but two Mario-themed puzzles on every tube. Each tube has both a "single player" and "multiplayer" game. The multiplayer game presented on this package seems to involve scratching off a space to reveal a powerup item, and competing to reveal the most powerful item. The single player game ... is not entirely visible. The games may be lame, but it's clever marketing to advertise a single/multiplayer minigame collection with cute example minigames.

We'd love to know the circumstances behind the discovery of this package, however. The box states that the game is "Now Available," meaning that this Go-Gurt is intended to be in stores around November 19. In addition, the URL on the box is currently inactive. Does GoNintendo have a secret Go-Gurt connection?

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