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Sunday's ads bring GHIII deals and more

Dustin Burg

Today, Guitar Hero III hit store shelves, which means you should be looking for the best deals and get your purchase on. And since we're cool cats here at X3F, we figured we'd help you out by looking up the best GHIII offers, though we're leaving the purchasing totally up to you. Over at Best Buy, they are offering a free Sex Pistols faceplate for your guitar with purchase of any GHIII bundle, while Circuit City is offering a free guitar stand with any GHIII purchase (bundle or stand alone game). They are both equally good deals, so you'll have to choose which you prefer and which suits you best. Also, you may want to pick up a $2 GHIII keychain at Best Buy, because they're not only cool, but all proceeds will go to benefit the Boys & Girls Club. W00t to that.

Best Buy also has the best free offers on two other new releases this week including a free Homer ball, free Homer poster and a free keycode to unlock the Medal of Homer level when you purchase The Simpsons Game. If TimeShift is more your thing, then pick it up at Best Buy this week, because you'll be treated to a free music CD priced at $14.99 or less. Remember, all these offers are only good through this Saturday, so be sure to take advantage of them while they last. Oh, and don't forget to pickup GHIII ... it's good times.

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