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Blue Notes: Arena news

Eliah Hecht

A few posts hit the forums today discussing the upcoming changeover between season two and season three. Although it has not been announced exactly when season three will start, it will, apparently, be sometime around the release of patch 2.3 (which makes sense, given the PvP item changes we've been seeing on the PTR):

Season 3 should start around the same time as patch 2.3 is released, but please keep in mind that season 3 may not start on the same date the patch is launched.

We have said that were planning to give a two weeks notice on the start of season 3, which still holds true. If there are any changes on this plan, we will let you know.

The interesting thing here is that they say season three will be roughly simultaneous with patch 2.3, and they will give two weeks notice before the start of season three. Does this mean we'll have two weeks notice before 2.3 is released? One can only hope, although it is historically improbable for Blizzard to give a patch ETA that's more than a few days away.

In related news, it's going to be marginally more difficult to get your team included in consideration for the end-of-season awards for season 2:

Our goal with this change is to remove teams from being counted that could not already be eligible for the end of season rewards. By not counting them we're effectively limiting the pool of teams that are added up before calculating the final 0.5% for the end of season rewards.

The requirements for a team to be counted (both requirements must be met):

  • The team must have played at least 20 games during the season.
  • The team must have at least one player that has played in 20% or more of the total games for that team.
As the requirement to be eligible for the end of season rewards is also 20% participation for the entire season, this overlap merely ensures that teams that have active and eligible members will be counted. (Drysc)

In other words, if I'm interpreting this correctly, only the active teams will be competing with each other for awards; dead teams will not be in the running.

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