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Carphone Warehouse takes the big leap from retailer to postpaid MVNO

Chris Ziegler

Perhaps getting just a little bored with its ginormous operation as Europe's largest phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse has decided fire up its own MVNO to do battle with the very carriers whose phones it offers. Called "Talkmobile," the service is actually Carphone Warehouse's second MVNO (its first, Fresh Mobile, concentrates on prepaid service) and runs atop Vodafone's rather expansive network. Naturally, all MVNOs need a unique angle if they want any shot at scooping some subs from the competition, and Talkmobile's is pricing; in fact, its most expensive plan is just £18 (about $37) and offers a free phone to boot. Oh, and get this: contracts range from 18 months down to just 9 freakin' months. If we were any of the UK's stodgy traditional carriers, we might wanna sit up and start taking down notes here.


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