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Vote on and play Doritos Unlock Xbox beta games

Dustin Burg

The somewhat controversial Doritos sponsored Unlock Xbox contest wrapped some two months ago and now we've been sent word that the voting phase has just begun. If you hop on over to the Unlock Xbox website, you'll be able to play the five finalists' games in their beta state and get your vote on. Though, the five games (Monkeys From Mt. Doritos, Doritos Dash of Destruction, Ultimate Dodgeball Championship, Rythum Racing and PB's Quest for Flavor) can only be demoed online in your internet browser, so for now you'll have to garner an opinion playing them that way. Some of these XBLA games are a bit shameful, some are surprisingly good, but only one can win and only the Xbox 360 community can decide. Cast your vote wisely fanboys, we don't want to have to go through another Yaris experience next year ... eesh.

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