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Want the LG CU515 now? Check Amazon, not AT&T

Chris Ziegler

AT&T's yet to officially announce the LG CU515, but no worries -- interested parties can start registering their desire to grab LG's latest 3G flip via Amazon right this second. It really isn't anything to get too fired up about, but hey -- we'll take just as many midrange 3G handsets for US frequencies as manufacturers want to pump out. The CU400 successor offers up a 1.3 megapixel camera, PTT support, stereo Bluetooth, microSD, and a monochrome external display, all while ditching the stub aerial that plagued its forebear. Actually, on second thought, take your time announcing this one, AT&T; we got kinda bored with it just rattling off the specs.

[Via phoneArena]

Update: It seems some brick and mortar stores and AT&T's Premier site have already been blessed with the CU515, leaving just the consumer site (and an official announcement, for that matter) to go -- so if you're really worried about getting your hands on this one for some strange reason, there are plenty of ways!

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