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DIY Weighted Companion Cube costume

Ross Miller

It's one day before Halloween, do you have your costume prepared? If not, allow us -- or, rather, Karen Chu from 1UP -- to help you out. Chu has created a Weighted Companion Cube (of Portal fame), just over one cubic foot in volume, and outlined the process on her blog.

It starts out with a foam core cube, modifies plans from a papercraft found on 4chan, and finishes with a liberal application of metal spay paint and six foam core discs to form a friend guaranteed not to stab you. It's rather amazing the culture that has sprung up over a virtual, inanimate object. If anyone has the schematics for a model portal gun, we'll be happy to drop our current costume plans and run around our respective downtown establishments in an orange jumpsuit and aforementioned accessories, blasting Jonathan Coulton from a portable stereo.

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