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Guildwatch: Taking a holiday

Mike Schramm

You guys doing anything special for Halloween in your guilds? On the one hand, a Halloween raid of the old content might be kind of fun-- candy and costumes for everyone! (And plus, you could probably get some good costume shots for our contest.) But on the other hand, it's Halloween-- who wants to be raiding when there's candy to be given out in the real world? If you do end up doing something as a guild tomorrow night, be sure to send us pics and news about it next week.

And in the meantime, send us anything else you got-- downed, drama, or recruiting news is all welcome at This week's GW starts right after the jump.


  • I sense lots of fake drama in the tip box this evening, but I'm posting this nugget anyway, just because I like the quotes: The GM of Reforged on Runetotem did something a little unprecedented when he saw a hunter getting a heal-- he /gkicked all the hunters from the guild and replaced them with warlocks. Gotta be fake, right? Nevertheless, here's our tipster's punchline: "Harakas, the GM, is not entirely anti-hunter: 'We'd love to have the hunter pets with us in the raid, it's just the actual hunters are a wasted raid spot.'" Ha ha.
  • An update about last week's Dragonhawk drama from Nerz'hul: The GM of the new Horde guild has apparently decided that "Horde is boring," and allegedly told all guildies to go back to The Venture Co. and their old guild. Lots of people haven't, however, so the new Dragonhawk on Nerz'hul is staying, under a new GM.
  • The tipster for this one didn't actually tell us the guild's name (only that it was a guild over on Dunemaul's Horde side), but it's a good story. The guild's been having a little trouble with Gruul, and the one time they downed him, the Magus Blade went to a Mage who was actually a guild newbie. This led to a little drama, the original GM stepped down and then got in a big argument with the replacement GM, and the original GM got kicked. This didn't make some veterans very happy, so they jumped ship, too, including our tipster's real-life friend who originally got him involved in the guild. So now, his question: should he /gquit just to stand by his friend, and be left without a guild to help him progress in gear, or should he stay in the guild until his friends form a new one? You guys can answer that. His other point is that most drama in guilds is caused by bad management, and to that I say: sounds about right. A guild is only as good as its leader, and if the leader doesn't know how to keep things together, they won't stay that way by themselves.
  • Forum drama from Bliss on Gnomeregan: It's not us, it's you. Also: either move on or make it better. Actually, as officer rants go, these aren't too bad-- they're pretty reasonable. But they do have a little too much "WoW is serious business" in them for my taste.
  • Guildwatch-inspired drama! (maybe). After being featured on GW last week, apparently HooperBandP dot com on Thunderhorn-H was forced to rename! Something about how guilds can't be used to promote websites. Sorry, guys, if we brought the feds to you-- if anyone asks us where you were on the night of the 26th, we'll say you were just out bowling with us. They've reformed as three guilds apparently, and all are recruiting casual players-- look up The Watchers, The Ministry, and Flat Earth Society in game to join.
  • Essence of Mercy on EU Doomhammer showed up in a Super Healing Pot recruiting thread complaining that SHP was trying to ninja their tanks from EoM, and apparently SHP has been whispering quite a few guilds to try and recruit their members. Is that wrong? You decide. In other news, SHP is recruiting tanks and healers. Who knew?!
  • Remnants of Twilight on Feathermoon-A poured salt all over Hydross for a guild first.
  • Rolling With My Gnomies has cleared Karazhan over on Suramar, and they say Gruul is on notice (with the help of Full Circle). He's at 74% so far, and they want Mag to know he's next, but guys-- only one boss on notice at a time!
  • Kung Foo Monkey Badgers wants you to know where their website is, so click on their name to find out. And no, they still didn't win the Best Guild Name award this week. Sorry guys!
  • Alliance Bravehearts are a casual, family guild on EU Aszune-A dropped Moroes and the Big Bad Wolf to boot. Maiden of Virtue is on notice!
  • Whoops, made a mistake last week: Dominion, who's been progressing nicely, is on the Tanaris server, not Terenas. My heartfelt bad.
  • Ambiguous Raiders on Khaz Modan have finally dropped Gruul like so many rocks loosened by that Shatter. Pic above. They're also recruiting a few healers and other dedicated raiders for their 25mans.
  • Drachefaust (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Garona-A finished off both Al'ar and Leotheras the Blind. Solarian, guess what buddy? We got a message for you the other day, and wrote it on a post-it note, but we can't seem to find it. Wait, we'll check the other room. No, it's not in here either-- you haven't seen a little orange post-it note somewhere, have you? Oh maybe it's by the computer. Yeah, here it is. Your message was... YOU'RE ON NOTICE!
  • Shadow on Firetree kilt (that's how they say it in the South) Morogrim and Void Reaver. Grats!
  • Demons Down Under on Cenarius killed off Gruul, and they're also recruiting active players for some good raiding.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A killed off Doomwalker for a server first, and apparently it was a surprise to everyone-- even the raid, who learned they were going for him when the GM said their first boss of the night wasn't Lurker. That sounds fun.
  • Ruin and Mediocrity on Anatheron-H have both dropped Kael'thas.
  • Crimson Halo on Shadow Council-A finally "gave Void Reaver the kicking he deserved." But did he really deserve it? What if he went through some terrible tragedy as a young Void child? Maybe, just maybe, he's just misunderstood. Did you ever think of that? Oh and Mags is on notice, they say, and they're right: that "my blood is my own" bastard deserves what's coming to him.
  • KVN of Laughing Skull also downed Void Reaver, not realizing that they might be the real boss encounter, not him.
  • Highborne of Exodar-H dropped both Solarian and Morogrim for two guild firsts in one week. Grats!
  • Cat's Game on Gorefiend-A dropped the Illidari Council for an Alliance first and server second. Now it's a horse race between them and Limbo (the rival Horde guild) to drop Illidan. Who is most prepared?
  • Hegemony on Argent Dawn-A killed off Void Reaver, on their very first attempt of the night. Meanwhile, they're still recruiting more for their raiding base. Get in now while you still can!
  • Vindictive on Skullcrusher-A is recruiting a boomkin, feral druid, and elemental shammy, as well as two shadow priests. They're working on phase 4 of Kael'thas, so be good and well geared.
  • Insomnia is a late night guild over on Baelgun-- they're recruiting new players to help out with Mag, and they raid Tues-Thurs and Sundays from 9:30pm to 1:30am PST.
  • Legends Reborn is a Horde guild (server?) recruiting feral druids, mages, paladins, warlocks, and resto shammys to raid Kael'thas and go into BT and Hyjal.
  • After clearing out Karazhan, Diurne on Ravenholdt is recruiting for Gruul's and beyond. More info on their website.
  • Slayers of the Majestic on Kalecgos is recruiting mature, experienced players who jump on for roughly two hours at a time (so, casual players). They've got about 20 60+ toons right now and are headed to the endgame.
  • Legion of the Eternals on Malfurion-A is a mature, friendly guild looking for mature, friendly players for Karazhan and Gruul, especially Mages. Please be attuned for Karazhan, and have some nice pre-Epic gear on.
  • The No Timers on EU Shadowsong-H is looking for casual players who are interested in running 5 mans and Heroics, and just generally having fun. They haven't had a lot of luck with recruiting yet, so if you're interested, be sure to contact them post-haste (that means fast).
  • Escapism (woohoo my old Alliance guild-- they're good people! Shouts out to Beril, Creepy, Ishtro, Millrats and all the old gang-- Jesse still with you all?) on Zangarmarsh-A is recruiting mature players to fill out their second Kara team and 25 man raid roster. Seriously, join them, they're fun.
  • Bind on Archimonde-H only has Nightbane left in Karazhan, so now is the perfect time to join their guild (all of the Kara loot, none of the wiping!). They're looking for friendly and active players to continue progression with.
That's it for this week's GW! As always, please send us your tips at they're what we use to feed this seemingly insatiable entertaining piece of writing every week. Until next time, happy raiding, and may everyone in the raid get an Epic of their own!

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