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Hino Motors showcases light-controlling SPD-Smart windows

Darren Murph

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Think user-controlled Transitions lenses, but for automobiles. Got it? If so, then you've got a pretty decent idea of what makes Hino Motor's concept motorcoach -- which was being shown off at this year's Tokyo Motor Show -- unique. Developed by Research Frontiers, the SPD-Smart technology covering those expansive panels there on your right "allows vehicle occupants to instantly, precisely and uniformly control the amount of sunlight, glare and heat passing through the windows, sunroofs and other glazings." Additionally, it blocks over 99-percent of harmful UV radiation and can be darkened or lightened with the press of a button. Unfortunately, we've no idea when this tech will be headed to your everyday commuter car, but we can hear window tinters the world over grumbling in unison.

[Via Gizmag]

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